Northern Rail – 158 Stay Connected Project

Rail Order demonstrates its capabilities from concept to full installation on Northern Rail’s 158 STAY CONNECTED concept train. To find out more and arrange a journey on-board 158 STAY CONNECTED please contact Rail Order on sales@rail-order.co.uk.




Identify innovative on-train solutions to aid and improve the 'on-train passenger experience’.



In partnership with Northern Rail, Rail Order were given the opportunity to showcase a number of on-train solutions on Northern Rail's 158906.

  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB Power Points
  • Air Purification

Rail Order were asked to scope and lead the overall project from concept to completion incorporating:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Certification
  • Installation


Successful installation was completed in December 2015. Trials are still ongoing and both TOC and passenger feedback continues to remain extremely positive highlighting Rail Order’s capabilities of being a ‘Total Solutions Provider'.

Technologies Installed

Technologies Installed

Beagle Passenger Information System

A 'Real-Time’ Darwin fed Passenger Information System. Beagle has the ability to keep on-board passengers updated on their journey by providing real-time information including station specific departure board details on approach. Beagle is operated by entering route head codes into the Driver Interface Unit (DIU).

  • TFT Screen - Flush mounted to a custom fabricated luggage shelf unit
  • LED Scroller - Mounted in a custom fabricated unit secured above the vestibule door nearest the driver cab
  • PA Announcer - Sited in the fabricated luggage shelf unit
  • DIU - Sited inside the cab area 'second man' side
Technologies Installed

Technologies Installed

On-board Wi-Fi

AIB’s plug and play system offers future proof bolt on opportunities such as HD CCTV and other on-train 2 way communication links. Through multi sim, continuity of connection is dramatically improved reducing drop outs considerably.

  • Significantly cheaper both in hardware and installation
  • Allows for multiple MNOs, GPS and GSM-R connections to be combined which improves the service quality to the customer
  • Allows for TOCs to have control over the system including the potential to generate additional revenue via marketing & landing pages
  • Has the scope for other ‘ad on’ features such as remote vpn access so that live LANs systems can be accessed such as CCTV and PIS systems.
Technologies Installed

Technologies Installed

USB Power Sockets

Giving passengers the opportunity to grab a ‘quick charge’ on their portable devices whilst travelling, these simple USB charge points ensure passengers have the ability to charge up when needed. A total of 16 twin socket USB charge points were installed above each table, flush into the panelling.

  • Compact
  • Ability to retrofit
  • Brushed aluminium design
  • Easy fit/replace barrel
  • Enhances Passenger Experience / Improved NPRS Score Ratings
Technologies Installed

Technologies Installed

Air Pure Sterilisation Units

An innovative technology which guarantees to eliminate odours and control infections in all enclosed spaces without the use of chemicals or filters. Two of these units were installed, one central in the saloon and one in the disabled toilet.


Air passes through the system and odours are neutralised using ozone and UV light technology. Common viruses such has MRSA, SARS and FLU are eradicated.

  • Improves overall cleanliness
  • Around the clock protection
  • Neutralises odours
Design, Engineering, Installation & Certification

Design, Engineering, Installation & Certification


The design brief incorporated:

  • Rail compliance
  • Retrofitting
  • Passenger focused
  • Informative and ease of use
  • On-train integration including none intrusive components and power demand limitation


  • Retrofit secure housing
  • None intrusive cable runs
  • Standalone system circuit
  • Low power demand requirements


  • VAB approval
  • Rail compliance certification


Each system was installed by Rail Order installers, tested and approved by ESG / Ricardo Rail and signed off by Northern Rail.



The 'refresh' of 158906 was a highly prestigious project for Northern Rail. In order to maximise impact, 158906 was rebranded to advertise the new technologies on-board including twitter hashtags in order to effectively collate customer feedback.

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