Air Pure System

Sanitising and eliminating unpleasant odours

Rail Order’s Pure Air System eliminates the source of odours producing clean fresh air making it ideal for:

  • Stations – All public areas, messing facilities, toilets
  • Trains – Saloons, vestibules, toilets, cabs

In efficiency tests with the Health Protection Agency, in 5 minutes air purification killed up to 98% of airborne pathogens. In a one hour test it eliminated up to 59% of surface pathogens.

The problem

Traditional methods of disinfectant and air fresheners only offer a temporary solution or just mask the smell.

The solution

Eliminate the source and neutralise the smell.

The technology

Air passes through the system and odours are neutralised using ozone and UV light technology. Used in the medical industry for many years as a proven sanitiser, common viruses such has MRSA, SARS and FLU are eradicated. This small purification system offers around the clock protection and is available in 24v/110v and 240v mains supply and multiple sizes.



  • Improves overall cleanliness
  • Around the clock protection
  • Neutralises odours
  • RIA12 and EN50155

  • Cost down on fragrances and odour masking products
  • Available in 240v,24v or 110v supply

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Our AirPure System has recently been installed as part our 158i ‘Stay Connected’ concept train in partnership with Northern Rail. Feedback has been positive and we hope to roll these out to further vehicles this year.

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