A revolutionary approach to passenger information, guaranteed to keep customers fully informed whether on the platform or aboard the train, has been launched at this year’s RTPI Conference (November 26, London) by AlanDick Communications (ADComms).

Called Beagle, the dynamic new solution uses real-time data taken from National Rail Enquiries’ Darwin system to keep passengers up to date on train arrivals at every point along their journey. Sent wirelessly to in-train and platform passenger displays, Beagle provides a robust and low cost method of updating customers during journeys, dramatically increasing satisfaction levels.

It is also designed to eliminate almost all of the train operator (TOC) system management required on current systems. As the data Beagle uses is 100% real time, the on train equipment is always up to date, negating any need for route or timetable updates. Furthermore, Beagle allows the asset owner to remotely monitor the health and performance of the on-train equipment.

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Our Beagle System has recently been installed as part our 158i ‘Stay Connected’ concept train in partnership with Northern Rail. Feedback has been positive and we hope to roll these out to further vehicles this year.

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