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easy-on not only protects surfaces from graffiti but also from scuffing, traffic film, UV degradation, grime and stains.


Environmental impact and common surface contaminates can have a major effect on the visual presentation of train exteriors.

Removing these types of contaminants can prove difficult, time consuming and hazardous to the environment. All surfaces coated with easy-on are protected ensuring easy clean every time.

Easy On before
Before easy-on
Easy-on after
After easy-on


  • Asset protection
  • Long life surface protection both interior and exterior
  • Easy clean
  • Improved customer perception
  • Graffiti protection
  • Reduced need for hazardous chemicals
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Hard wearing durable finish
  • Maintains newly painted surfaces
  • Restores tired looking surfaces
  • High abrasion & scratch resistance
  • UV resistant

surface protection toilets
Surface protection of trains

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