Rail Order offer comprehensive repair and refurbishment service

As the approved refurbishment and repair company for EAO rail panel assemblies, Rail Order are very pleased to offer a comprehensive and cost effective repair and refurbishment service.
EAO pushbuttons are used throughout the UK rail industry in many applications:

  • Guards Control Panels in Vestibules
  • Interior Passenger Door Controls
  • Exterior Passenger Door Controls
  • Toilet Cubicles Control Panels
  • Drivers’ Cab Panels
Panel refurbishment


  • Collect, repair and return service
  • Shorter turnaround time for refurbished panels than for new panels
  • No minimum batch size
  • No scrapping of panel plates – all metalwork re-used
  • Bezels and gaskets replaced
  • 1 year warranty on workmanship along with manufacturers standard warranty on components
  • Technical support as legislation changes and the need to improve visual and audible requirements under PRM –TSI


  • 100% Switch/Gasket/Bezel replacement and upgrade option
  • Reduced cost for spare panels
  • Quick turn around and “new” warranty for otherwise scrapped panels
  • Panel components upgraded in line with latest issue drawings
  • Improved illumination – latest SMD leds in place of T1 leds
  • Bespoke upgrades to provide savings
  • Stock holding of EAO components to support refurbishment of panels
  • Testing facility approved by EAO
  • Compliance with industry standards legislation

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