Shortlisted for Rail Industry Awards

It’s been a busy few months since we announced Panasonic’s acquisition of AD Comms. Continuing our focus of engineering excellence, we have been working closely to deliver solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability, and passenger safety.

In the three months July to September, ADComms in partnership with Panasonic ran a successful pilot project using our off-grid, hybrid energy solution.  It uses Panasonic’s ultra-efficient HIT PV panels, helping ensure stability and availability of power. The technologies successfully provided a more cost effective and reliable energy source with electricity that is proven to be cleaner, greener and quieter.

Vandalism also remains a key cause of disruption for rail companies. To combat this challenge, Panasonic developed the Trespass Warning System. Currently being evaluated across numerous trespass hotspots in the UK network and France, it successfully aids safety, time and efficiency.

Service reliability has also been improved as the interruptions, damage and disruption that trespassing causes, can be identified and prevented prior to their becoming an issue.

Thanks to the successful implementation, pilot project and ongoing evaluations, we’re very excited to announce that both solutions have been shortlisted for the Rail Industry awards! For details and to book tickets, please visit: