On-board USB charging

Using social media, catching up with emails, listening to music and catching up on the latest news & celebrity gossip has become an almost routine part of daily life. Unfortunately, the battery power in our electronic devices struggle to keep up with the ever increasing demands that we place on them.

‘Power to Seat’ solutions usually take the form of a standard 3 Pin Plug Socket, carrying around these chargers is cumbersome. USB has more recently become a ubiquitous power socket for most electronic devices as they are compact, versatile, quick and convenient.

With this in mind, Rail Order has developed an innovative solution for passenger vehicles providing compact, smart & stylish twin USB sockets which can be easily retofitted allowing a whole manner of devices to be charged on the move. Rail Order’s solution would help improve passenger experience therefore resulting in an increase on NRPS scores. Our solution is considerably cheaper and offers more flexibility than current market offerings.

Our rail approved solution provides the correct current to the USB Charger Socket to allow the device to recognise it as a charger port.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact
  • Easy installation / ability to retrofit
  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting brushed aluminium design
  • Enhances Passenger Experience
  • Improved NPRS Score Ratings
  • Future proofing vehicles

Our On-board USB charging solution has recently been installed as part our 158i ‘Stay Connected’ concept train in partnership with Northern Rail. Feedback has been positive and we hope to roll these out to further vehicles this year.

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