Dramatic improvements to exterior train cleaning

Independent tests show that our wash plant upgrades perform efficiently and are on par with new plants at a fraction of the cost.

Northern Rail wash plant upgrades resulted in a 14% increase in exterior cleanliness in a recent National Rail Passenger Survey.

“Northern Rail’s Sheffield wash plant saw a reduction of 2.75 million litres of water in the first year, overall the business reduced costs by £200k per annum”


New brush technology ensures improved cleaning efficiency lasting up to 4 times longer than standard brushes. Moisture retention is dramatically improved increasing surface lubrication, whilst at the same time reducing the need to use more water.


  • Improving Service Quality scores
  • Improving Service Quality scores
  • Improved National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS)
  • Reducing chemical and COD’s
  • Reducing running & material costs
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Cheaper than a new installation
  • Reducing need for manual cleaning
  • Improving cleaning efficiency

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