On-board Wi-Fi


Mobile network operator (MNO) coverage and quality, combined with vehicle penetration losses, cause a poor quality of service causing frustration to many commuters up and down the country. Conventional ‘Cell Enhancers’ improve penetration losses and boost signal strength however these carry an expensive upfront cost. These systems are also difficult to install (RF Feedback) & require MNO approval which can sometimes be difficult to achieve. In addition to this, passengers using a MNO with poor coverage will still get poor service and TOCs have no control of the system.

An on-board Wi-Fi system would eliminate all of the negatives associated with conventional ‘Cell Enhancers’ as well as introducing some other advantages.

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  • Is significantly cheaper both in hardware and installation.
  • Allows for multiple MNOs, GPS and GSM-R connections to be combined which improves the service quality to the customer.
  • Allows for TOCs to have control over the system including the potential to generate additional revenue via marketing & landing pages.
  • Has the scope for other ‘ad on’ features such as remote vpn access so that live LANs system can be accessed such as CCTV and PIS systems.

The goal of Rail Order’s Wi-Fi system is to improve customer satisfaction both retaining and attracting customers whilst also giving TOCs more control of their vehicles.

Our On-board Wi-Fi system has recently been installed as part our 158i ‘Stay Connected’ concept train in partnership with Northern Rail. Feedback has been positive and we hope to roll these out to further vehicles this year.

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