Winterisation solutions


Are you prepared for winter?

With winter around the corner now is the time to consider stocking up!

Rail Order Ltd supply a wide variety of winterisation products from gritting and de-icing products through to PPE and lighting. A sample of our winterisation range is shown below but we stock many more so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements!

Rock salt and gritting products

gritting products

Kilfrost High Performance De-Icer, White De-Icing Salt, UV Resistant Grit Bins,Quick Melt, Brown Rock Salt, Atlas II Grit/Salt Spreader, Winter Salt Sticks, Claudius II Drop Spreader

Snow and ice clearing products

ice clearing products

Insulated Conductor Rail De-Icer, Sthil SH86 Leaf Blower, Vikan Snow Shovel, SNow/Ice Brush (For Railway Points), Ice Scraper/Squeegee

De-icing, screenwash and antifreeze

De-icing, screenwash and antifreeze

Autocare De-Icer (Pack of 12), Pre Mixed Screenwash (4 X 5L), Bluecol Antifreeze 2.5L

Keeping warm (PPE / Heating)

Keeping warm

High Efficiency Long Johns and Thermals, Thinsulate Beanie Hats and Gloves, Emergency Foil Blankets, Space Heaters, Convection Heaters, 1L Vacuum Flasks



Smartlite 1 Million Candle Handlamp, Lightening Bolt Rechargeable Bolt Flip Top LED Light 3W, ‘The Light Fantastic’ with 500M beam and up to 20 hours duration, Unilite Prosafe Rechargeable Head Torch with 350 lumens and focus control, 3 Colour Bardic Lamp, Bardic 3 aspect LED Signalling Handlamp, Viking 2.5 Armytek rechargeable flash light max 1010 lumens, Green Snalight 6″ (Pack of 100)

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